S&F Consultants

Collaborates with regional and local administrations and their related organizations, with an approach aimed at optimizing public resources and maximizing their impact:

  • Providing our experience in the definition of public policies aimed at innovation and economic and social development.
  • Collaborating in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects with high impact on regional or local development.
  • collaborating with our clients in the development of projects, providing practical solutions.


For this, we offer the following services:

Strategy & Policies

  • Strategies and plans for competitiveness and regional and local innovation
  • Strategies and sector development plans
  • Internationalization and European projects
  • Plans and policies to support entrepreneurship

Advanced Public Management

  • Evaluation of services, programs and public policies
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Dynamization of participatory processes
  • Improvement of organizational efficiency: organizational development and business process optimization
  • Institutional communication

Others Services

  • Support in institutional and business Missions
  • Scientific Secretariat of events
  • Project technical offices
  • European project management