S&F Consultants

The commitment to life & personal life reconciliation, gender equality and social responsibility are issues of great social relevance that are acquiring a growing weight in the strategies of organizations and territories.

In S&F Consultants we have a great experience in helping companies and public and private entities to define and implement their strategies in these fields, through the following services:


This specialized support includes the following services:

Gender Equality

  • Diagnostics, strategies and plans for gender equality
  • Monitoring and evaluation of plans for the equality of women and men
  • Impact evaluation according to gender
  • Projects with a gender perspective

Work/Family reconciliation

  • Design of strategies and reconciliation plans

Corporate Social Responsability

  • CSR strategies and plans
  • Corporate reputation diagnostics
  • Preparation of Sustainability Reports

Approvals & Certifications

We have the following approvals and certifications:

  • Entity approved to operate as a prescriber for the design, implementation and evaluation of the EFR (Empresa Familiarmente Responsible, Family-Responsible Company) Model of Fundación Más Familia.
  • Entity approved for the provision of technical assistance in the area of equality of women and men by Emakunde-Basque Women’s Institute.