Our motto is “innovation, service and commitment”

S & F Consultants, based in Bilbao and Madrid, offers high added value consulting services to companies and public bodies in areas related to strategy, innovation and management.

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Strategy & Business consulting

In S&F Consultants we support companies in their different stages, from creation to diversification, helping them to improve their strategic and organizational capacity, providing practical solutions of immediate impact.

Consultancy on Territorial Competitiveness and Advanced Public Management

S&F Consultants collaborates with regional and local administrations and their related organizations, with an approach aimed at optimizing public resources and maximizing their impact.

Consultancy on Gender Equality, Reconciliation and Corporate Social Responsibility

The commitment to life & personal life reconciliation, gender equality and social responsibility are issues of great social relevance that are acquiring a growing weight in the strategies of organizations and territories.

Our work is based on quality, professionalism and teamwork.

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