Commitment with its team and with other stakeholders

The commitment of S & F Consultants with its team and with other stakeholders translates into a social responsibility policy that pursues equality, conciliation, transparency, sustainability and mutual benefit.

Responsabilidad social de S&F Consultants

In this sense, we have an CSR Plan whose main measures are:

  • Reconciliation Plan for Work, Family and Private Life. We are an accredited entity as family responsible in accordance with the standard efr 1000 of the Fundación Más Familia, standard supported by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy.
  • Gender Equality Plan.
  • Implementation of measures to favor the reconciliation of personal and work life (teleworking, intensive working hours, flexible working schedule…).
  • Training and permanent recycling of our team, through training actions both internal and external.
  • Transparency in the economic sphere and the management of the company.
  • Reduction of our impact on the environment.
  • Social responsibility, supporting in a disinterested way or with special rates to projects of social interest and to new entrepreneurs.

The responsible approach to our activity allows us to have a high degree of market loyalty with which we work, as well as a very low staff turnover, always working with a socially responsible and sustainable perspective.